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Replace your old electric storage heaters with modern electric radiators available for supply and fit in Dundee & across North East Scotland.

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Electric boilers and full wet electric heating systems.

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In the UK, most homes that don’t have gas central heating systems with pipework leading to radiators and boilers make use of electric heating systems. Electric heating has its own advantages and is being widely used for various commercial and domestic purposes. In the domestic category, electric heating can be used as a tidier option to gas central heating, which requires less maintenance and is easier to install. We provide the best electric heating products available in Perth & Kinross, which includes electric storage heaters, replacing old storage heaters with modern electric radiators, electric boilers and water heaters, or full wet electric central heating systems.

We offer all aspects of electric heating, including installation, maintenance and repair work.

What is electric heating?

An electric heating system is a set of devices that are used to convert electric energy into heat. It makes use of electric resistors to produce heat. The need for reduced space, cleanliness, and convenience to use is making electric heaters more preferable for domestic purposes and public buildings.

Electric heating provides heat from electric strips or coils designed in different patterns. It can be convectors under the windows or on the walls, or as baseboard radiation in the whole room or part of a room.

Also, heating elements can be fixed to the floors or roofs of a building to radiate heat into space. The use of a heat pump will help you use the total cost of electricity due to electric heating.

Heat transfer occurs in three ways namely convection, conduction, and radiation.

Some of the advantages of electric heating are:

  • There is no need for an exhaust system as electric heating does not produce any flue gases
  • It reduces the need for cleaning as electric heating does not produce any dirt
  • Very easy to control the temperature
  • Running cost and installation costs are comparatively low, hence is economical compared to other heating methods
  • More efficient and is noise-free
  • No trouble or time required for starting the heater

Other types of electric heating

Electric Furnace

An electric furnace is one of the most preferred heating systems as it provides complete heating comfort in an energy-efficient manner. An electric furnace is safe to operate, requires low maintenance, and is inexpensive to install. It can last for a long time and can be used in homes, mobile offices, apartments, offices, and more. The compact size and simple design of the furnace make it very easy to install and maintain.

Electric heating pumps

An electric heating pump is a two in one comfort system that makes use of refrigeration equipment to provide cool air in summer and warm air in winter

Ground Source heat pump

A ground source heat pump also goes by the names, geothermal heat pump and earth coupled heat pump. It operates similarly to the commonly used air source heat pump, by transferring heat instead of creating it. But the difference is that heat is transferred to and from the earth to provide heating and cooling, by a ground source heat pump.

Baseboard heaters

Baseboard heaters are best for room by room heating. Their initial cost is low, requires no ductwork and little space, which makes it one of the best choices for home extensions and remodeled areas.

Cove heating

Cove heating is a method that uses radiant heat to warm individual rooms and spaces to a comfortable level. It is usually installed in places where cove used to exist in older room designs and hence the name cove heating.

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Wet electric central heating Perth & Kinross

A wet central heating system is one in which hot water is produced in a central heat source and is distributes throughout the building, making hot water available in showers and taps. If you have a property in or around Perth such as a home or flat, using wet electric central heating might be the best option for you.

Electric central heating makes use of pipes and radiators powered by an electric boiler for heating. It is similar to the conventional gas central heating with a small difference, here we use electric boilers instead of gas combi ones.

To use an electric boiler, pipework and standard central heating radiators must be installed first. Water is heated to a level and then is transferred to the radiators and the central heating system through pipes. Unlike other power sources like oil, wood, and gas, electric boilers heat the water directly. A high powered component inside the heating chamber heats the water moving through the chamber.

Boilers are slim and small which makes it possible for them to fit into small spaces. Electric heaters are said to have an efficiency of 99 percent, which makes it a better and reliable heating system.

Electric combi boilers & systems

Electric combi boilers or electric combination boilers are the heating systems that can satisfy both your domestic water requirements and heating in on ego. An electric combi boiler is one of the best choices if you wish to replace your oil or gas boilers.

It has been found that electric combi boilers are more efficient compared to gas boilers that are 89 to 95 percent efficient, and oil boilers that only 85 to 93 percent efficient. It is therefore considered as a futureproof option and environmentally friendly choice for households in the UK.

Some of the advantages of using an electric combi boiler are:

  • It does not release any gases to the surrounding air and hence is a non-polluting and cleaner solution
  • No extra space for storing an oil tank is required and hence is space-efficient.
  • It comes in different sizes and can be placed in any corner of the house like the kitchen or laundry areas
  • No connection to a gas grid is needed
  • Cheap price compared to oil and gas boilers, due to low maintenance and installation charges

Electric water heaters & cylinders

Water heaters are used to supply boiling or hot water instantly, which means that are suitable for a variety of household needs. Depending on a building’s requirement of hot water, various water heaters can be installed. These include instantaneous water heaters as well as vented and unvented water heaters.

An electric water heater works almost in the same way as a gas water heater. Coldwater is brought in through a dip tube and is heated using some electric heating components inside a tank. Once the hot water rises in the tank it is moved throughout the building using different pipes of a network.

Also, similar to a gas water heater, an electric water heater has a pressure and temperature release valve, thermostat for controlling temperature, a drain valve, an anode rod, and a tank that is insulated. The only major difference is that an electric water heater is plugged into an electric source and is heating using electric elements.

For proper working of an electric water heater, regular maintenance must be done. Checking of the thermostat, flushing off sediments from the tank, checking the anode rode, etc. must be done to ensure a long life for the water heaters.  

Electric storage heaters

As the name indicates storage heaters are electric heaters that heat the ceramic bricks inside them to store thermal energy during the night and release heat from them during the day to keep your home warm.

A storage heater allows customers to use cheap off-peak electricity to heat their homes at day time. These are better for customers who have an electricity tariff based on time of use and pay cheaper rates for utilizing electricity at night (usually between 12 am to 7 pm).

Some of the common features of storage heaters are:

Programmable heating schedules: all the new storage heaters in the market have controls that allow you to set times and patterns of utilizing energy for different days, similar to gas central heating

Boost function: the boost function is most of the storage heaters gives extra warmth whenever you choose

Fan assist: most of the storage heaters, especially auto-combination ones, have a silent fan that helps to puss out heat more heat in an efficient way

Thermostatic controls: the newer models have thermostatic controls that will help you to choose a certain temperature to get the room heated to

Remote controls: the new models show an advancement technology, by being able to be controlled via your mobile phones or tablets over Wi-Fi

Modern electric radiators

Modern electric radiators are designed somewhat similar to the central heating system, with a slight change. These radiators use electrical energy to heat up its metal frame by being plugged directly into the mains, instead of pipes which fill with hot water. This method ensures 100 percent efficiency when it comes to converting electricity into heat

Modern electric radiators offer style, aesthetics, and efficiency and come in different colors, shapes, and materials. These radiators are as effective as gas central heating but come with higher rates of operation.

Electric radiators also offer the freedom to be used in specific rooms only. Different types of radiators can be set up in different rooms depending on their use.

Be it the installation, repair, or maintenance of your electric heaters you can contact us any time and book a slot. We are very punctual and provides the best services at an affordable cost. Customer, satisfaction, and quality service along with the progress is the main aim of our company.

Simple Installation Process

Electric heating is notoriously easy and quick to install. There are no pipes, flues, or any other messy connections under your floors or behind your walls required. We can install your new electric heating the same day that we arrive at your home. 

How expensive is it to heat your Perth home with electric?

You need to be careful when having electric heating installed, if the wrong equipment is installed or if it is installed poorly, it can end up very expensive to run. Once you contact us, we will send our team to assess your home and it’s specific requirements and then provide you an estimate for the most suitable electric heating for your home. This estimate will be different for every home as the type of layout, fittings, and products needed. We will always aim to install the most efficient electric heating products for your setup to ensure the running costs are as low as possible.

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