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Grant & Worcester are the two most popular oil boiler and oil heating system manufacturers that we supply and fit in Dundee & North East Scotland.

Oil Boilers and Heating Systems Dundee

Most people in Scotland experience extreme temperatures most months of the year and a gas boiler or an oil burner is a necessity at everyone’s home. Perhaps you already have a heating system in your home or you have one that is having issues causing unwanted stress, cold and costing you money on maintenance and repairs. New Boilers Dundee are the best people you can contact in North East Scotland to solve your heating problem. From the installation of a new oil heating system to the repair or servicing of your existing system, we provide all kinds of oil heating for reasonable rates. Our company is registered under OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association) our registration number is 103776, which means our workers adhere to all oil heating best practise and regulations.

Oftec Reg No.103776

What is an oil boiler and how does it work?


An oil boiler is a heating device that burns oils, diesel fuel or any other fuels. There are a large number of homes in the UK that aren’t connected to the mains gas network, in which case an oil boiler installation is the best solution. Oil boilers are similar to gas boilers, compact, clean, quiet and economical to run.

An oil boiler works in the same way as a gas boiler by making use of oil to create hot water. This water is then pumped to radiators and around your home to raise the temperature of your home. This boiler also heats the water to the taps in your home.

There are mainly three types of oil boilers:

· Combi boilers: can be used to heat water on demand and no hot water cylinder.

· Regular oil boiler: which provides heating only & hot water along with a hot water tank.

· System boiler: similar to regular boilers but are used in larger spaces and contain a number of components like a pump.

The benefits of using an oil boiler and heating system

Oil boilers and considered to be better than gas boilers in terms of safety, comfort, and reliability. An oil boiler is found to produce more heat than a gas furnace in a given time and the risks of an explosion are lesser compared to gasses. Also, an oil heating system is said to last longer than gas heating systems, about 25 years, which makes it more cost-effective.

Some other advantages of using oil heating system are:

· Better performance.

· Increased efficiency.

· Less expensive and fewer maintenance and headaches.

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How long will it take to replace my boiler in my Dundee home?

Once we agree on the make & model of your oil boiler and came to an agreement on cost, we always aim to supply and fit your replacement the same day we start your installation. This is not always possible due to other factors, however, in most cases we arrive early in the day and can have both your oil boiler and heating system installed the same day we begin work. The earlier in the day you are available the better, however, we will always discuss the time that our heating engineers will arrive rather than showing up early in the morning without consulting with you first. Due to the fact we are a Dundee based company and our engineers live within a 30 miles radius of Dundee city centre, we can comfortably offer same day oil boiler replacements across North East of Scotland.

As mentioned 24 hours is always the target, however, this could be affected by the time taken to remove your old boiler.

How much warranty will I have on my replacement oil boiler?

Much like cost this, the length of warranty will depend on the make and model of the oil boiler that you select, the payment plans you opt for will also play a part.

Our replacement oil boilers have guarantees ranging from 5 years to 15 years! Any boiler you purchase from us will be covered for at least 5 years included in the overall cost, most oil boilers we offer come with 7 years warranty as part of the package. It’s only for a warranty over the 7 years we would begin to charge you extra, this can all be discussed during your initial survey.

Do you offer oil boiler installation if I buy the boiler elsewhere?

New Boilers Dundee will happily install your oil boiler if you have purchased it elsewhere. We will carry out various fault tests on the boiler and will require that you provide us with information about where you bought the boiler ensure that it’s new. This doesn’t happen very often, our main service is to supply and fit your oil boiler and heating system, however, if someone has procured their own oil boiler then we are always happy to help.

Possible faults in an oil boiler and heating system

No heating system is perfect and neither is an oil heating system. Some of the heating systems can develop faults or problems in time or due to any other factors. Some of the general faults that can be seen in oil boilers are:

· Burner not operating, which can be due to lack of fuel, thermostat related problems or any other issues

· No fire by burner, which may be due to a problem in fuel supply, oil line or nozzle filter

· Smoking of the burner, which can be caused to defects in a heat exchanger, oil pressure, nozzle type or an obstructed chimney

· High consumption of fuel due to no maintenance or wrong adjustments

· Unpleasant odors due to an unclean chimney, nozzle, defect in a heat exchanger or burner.

No matter what the problem is with your oil heating system, our experts will find it for you and repair it if possible. In some cases, the problems might be severe and the replacement of parts may be needed. In such cases, we can fix the problem at a better rate than any company can offer.

Our team will first explain to you the problem, how it was caused and the necessary things to be done to make it work in a normal way. They will also provide you with an estimate, and only after your consent will they start doing their job.

Oil boiler service and maintenance

A home and the heating system installed in it are very important to the people living in it. The efficient working of the heating system is of top priority to everyone and to achieve its regular yearly service and maintenance is a must.

All the people working for us are professionals and long term employees who have years of experience working in this field. Our team can carry out regular services every year to ensure a long-running period for the home heating system.

All our visits and bookings are stored in a computer which helps us to know exactly when each of our customers has reached the time for maintenance. Once your time is up our expert will contact you and book an appointment to carry out the maintenance process according to your convenience. Ou can also contact us if any problems arise before the service date. We provide one of the best services in Dundee and only charge an affordable amount for the services we provide.

Oil Boiler & Heating Repairs in Dundee

In some cases, the defects may be severe and the boiler or any other part may be needed to be replaced. And at times replacement may seem to be a better option considering the costs and trouble we have to go through to carry out a repair. In such cases, we can either order the needed fittings on our own or help you find the original fittings at an affordable cost.

All our workers are experts in the oil boiler and heating system field and are registered under OFTEC which ensures great reliability and quality work. Whether it is repairing or replacement, our team will explain to you the options and work will be done according to your decision. We are one of the most reliable and trusted oil boiler experts in Dundee.

Oil Boiler Installation Process

Oil boilers are very less common compared to gas boilers in and around England but are lately gaining attention due to its efficiency and other features. Once our service is requested, we will respond to you on the same day itself or maximum in 48 hours. Once the assessment of your living place is done by our team and we get your consent we will start the work immediately and will try to finish it as fast as

possible. The installation time of the heating system and boiler will depend on the size of the project. Normally, at homes, the installation can be done in 2 to 3 days.

The installation of a heating system will depend on factors like:

· The type of boiler you want

· The space you have available

· The quantity of water used at your home

· And the place of the boiler

Once the installation is done we will provide you a 5-year warranty on our installation and guarantee of the services depending upon the total cost of installation.

Additional services can also be requested by you when you call us. Our staff will explain to you all the services and special benefits we provide in detail.

How expensive is it to heat your Dundee home with oil?

The type of heating system, boiler and installation methods that needs to have opted in each house may be different and hence it is difficult to quote a general price for the total work. Once we are contacted, we will send our team to assess your home and requirements and then provide you an estimate. This estimate will be different for every home as the type of boiler, fittings, and work needed to be done will be different, but will be the best cost any company can provide.

The estimate providing service is usually done on request only and is free of cost. However, it can also be charged depending on how far you live from Dundee.

Tips on finding an oil boiler installer in Dundee

The heating system and boiler is an essential and important part of your home, especially if you are living in regions like Dundee. So, whatever be the work, from fixing minor defects to total replacement of the heating system, it is necessary you contact the best and most reliable people to do the job. We ourselves have a track record of fixing almost all boiler-related problems and carrying out quality installations of heating systems for some years.

One of the most important things is to make sure you choose and OFTEC registered installer (OFTEC Reg No.103776). Do your homework, ask feedbacks and recommendations from friends and relatives who have carried out a boiler and heating system-related jobs.

Selecting the best and trusted one is very important because a person without enough knowledge about boilers can worsen the problems and create a big headache throughout your life. So for the best and quick installment, maintenance or repair of your boiler and heating system just pick up the phone and dial our number.

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